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About 12 years ago Skuter and I found ourselves with a large garden plot at the community garden on 32nd street in Bellingham Washington.  Seedlings sprung to life in our windowsill that spring, and we lovingly tucked them  into the rough clay ground.  And later that summer we looked at each other with amazement, "it grew!!"

     Not long after that we mustered up the courage to voice our desire to farm for a living.  Mike Finger of Cedarville Farm  leased us ground and equipment.  Shortly after that we made a new home for Terra Verde Farm in Everson Washington where our 10 acres reside today.  We now lease land from Dusty Williams of Broadleaf Farm.  We are forever grateful to these two  men who believed in us, and have gone out of their way to share not only tools and soil, but knowledge and inspiration!.

   Our ten acres have changed our life!  Farming has a way of showing you what you are made of--I can't really say it much better than Kristin Kimball of Essex Farm so why try;    

"As much as you transform the land by farming, farming transforms you....Farming takes root in you and crowds out other endeavors, makes them seem paltry.  Your acres become your world. "

     It is a world where  the wet spring tests our rain gear and constitution.  Where large blocks of freshly tilled soil are filled with young eager transplants.  A world where we  dodge sprinklers, and out smart weeds.  There are smiles,  and curse words.  Buzzing machines and the quiet of an electric tractor.  Trucks packed to the gills on harvest days, a  bounty worth witnessing.  But nothing matches the beauty of a Fall harvest, if it all goes right.  A brief rest, winter beloved winter...babies to tend to, meals to cook.  Days inevitably lengthen and with a single seed it all starts again.

                          Your Farmers,

Amy, Skuter, Rudy-Nicholas, and Baby Alan Fontaine